About Us

As a Tribally Owned corporation, Four Tribes Development Holdings, LLC is 100% owned by the Susanville Indian Rancheria and was created in order to provide economic opportunities for its tribal members.

Susanville Indian Rancheria

The Susanville Indian Rancheria (SIR) is a federally-recognized Indian Tribal government located in Susanville, California, in the Northeast part of the State, where the Sierra and Cascade Mountain Ranges meet.

The Rancheria land base is not one section, the Rancheria is made up of several sites. One part is in the city limits of Susanville, CA, where others are located in rural areas of both Lassen County and Plumas County with a section in the town of Herlong, CA. The Tribe’s lands are a mixture of residential, commercial, forest, and high desert. The SIR is made up of four local tribes: Mountain Maidu, Northeastern Paiute, Northern Washoe and Eastern Pit River. There are currently over 1,500 members living on 1,340 acres. It has a Tribal Business Council and several corporate boards. The SIR is committed to providing a better life and opportunities for future generations.

About Our Logo

Our logos represent four basic elements of the Susanville Indian Rancheria (SIR) and Four Sacred directions

Four Red Feathers

The four Northern (Red-Shafted) Flicker feathers represent the four tribes of SIR: Mountain Maidu, Northern Paiute, Pit River, and Washoe, working together to make a better life for our future

Circle of Life

The circle represents the “Circle of Life’; there is neither a beginning nor an end, surrounded by a traditional basket design.

Four Sacred Colors

The four sacred colors are represented Red, Yellow, Black and White. Red for vision, Yellow for trust, Black for creativity and
White for success.

California Grizzly Bear

The California Grizzly Bear represents both strength and commitment. Collectively, these elements demonstrate that our clients will receive a level of service that is rooted in our pride in workmanship, dependability, commitment to quality and with the fortitude to come together with a vision for your success

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